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Jun 16, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    can anyone help me get rid of this, I seem to have some sort of Malware.

    I browse using Firefox 3.0.10, and my PC has a 3.4 Dual-Core processor with 2GB ram and a GeForce graphics card.

    Each time I conduct a search using Google, I click on one of the results, and I notice at the bottom of my browser window, it says "Waiting for"... then instead of being taken to the page listed by my Google search, I am taken somewhere completely different, and random, like a MySpace page for celebrities or something like that.

    Can anyone please tell me how to get this Search Tracker off my PC?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  2. aress

    aress TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Hi all again,

    I have tried the "8 step" solution listed above. For some reason, and I have tried several times, my PC will not allow me to run Malware Bytes' AntiMalware. It allows me to install it, but when I click to run it, nothing happens. I think my problem may be bigger than just Google searches being redirected.

    If anyone could please help me?

  3. ht7334

    ht7334 TS Rookie

    I encountered this same problem. What I did was download SpyBot Search and Destroy, and then switched my computer to safe mode. After scanning for viruses on safe mode, I restarted my computer, returned to regular Windows, and used ComboFix to run a scan. ComboFix is really what should do the trick. If you can't run ComboFix on regular Windows, try safe mode. After that, try running Malware Bytes. I'm running it now, even though it didn't work before, so this might work for you. :) Good luck!
  4. roshkm

    roshkm TS Rookie

    I also encountered the same problem of being redirected to search tracker from google search page. The url also shows as google link. I read about ComboFix.exe. It wont run for me but i changed the name of exe file from combofix.exe to say comboffffix.exe.. and it worked..

    It also uses mdm.exe in system32 to send info to some site.. That file is not there now

    These are the files it deleted for me:


    All the best.. Now access to internet is much faster for me..

    Rosh K M.
  5. aress

    aress TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Thanks for the advice. I downloaded and ran ComboFix, which took a good 30 minutes to complete its cycle, had me worried for a bit, but it seems to have done the job, and deleted another stubborn virus file that I've been trying to get rid of for a year!

    One thing I must mention, I did a virus scan after ComboFix had run its cycle, and it found that a backdoor program called "Bifrost" had been installed, which was not there before I ran ComboFix... slightly dodgy!

    I'll keep an eye on things for the next few days, as I'm not convinced ComboFix's intentions were entirely good.

    Thanks again for the help.
  6. ComputerGuy55

    ComputerGuy55 TS Maniac Posts: 380   +8

    If Malwarebytes is still unable to start, go to the installation folder and rename mbam.exe to anything but that, I did this and it helped start it, you probably have a rootkit virus which stops anit virus programs from running and cleaning it out. Combofix probably fixed that though, but incase it didn't try renaming the EXE(Not the one on the desktop)
  7. kashyfla

    kashyfla TS Rookie

    Hey man I joined this website so I can help you out cause I had this problem like 24 hours ago. I started having this problem like 3 weeks ago but I ignored it until my computer starting locking up and etc. First what you must do in go to and download the stupid "Avast virus remover". Restart the computer once it download and remember to have it set so when restarted it does the virus scan before the windows load. Should do it automatically. This scan could take about 1-2 hours so sit back or just randomly do something. Remeber to check on your PC every 20 minutes for it might detect something, mine detected 3 random bs, and just delete it dont delete all or safe it. Delete. Once you got this running go to run, found in your bottom start and type in "msconfig". From here get everything off from startup and then push apply and then it will restart your comp automatically. Then go back to and download malware bytes and it should now be able to start back and detect the rootkit or trojan. Uninstall Avast it slows down your comp and its only good for the deletion of the bs that wont let you start up malwarebytes. After this try to avoid retarded virus links, porn links, and other anoynymous links that will give ya the trojan. They are sneaky and hard to find but trust me the whole process took me like 5 hours. Or last resort reformat your comp. Hope I helped you guys out. And I also got that crappy searchtracker crap before I did these steps...
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