Sempron 2ghz Intel Comparison

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Recently bought my first AMD processor.

Could someone please give me a comparison with the equivalent Intel processor because I'm a little confused at the moment!



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Which sempron do you have?

socketA 2800+
socketA 3000+
socket754 3300+
socket754 3400+

All of these run at 2Ghz. Confusing I know ;)

paranoid guy

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Ok, according to the chart I posted (the link) the Pentium 4 2.60GHz is a little bit better than yours, and the Pentium 4 2.40GHz is a little bit worse.
Prices are (taken from
Pentium 4 2.60GHz = lowest is $110.95
Your Sempron 3300+ = lowest is $103.00
Pentium 4 2.40GHz = I could only find one seller,
and it was $179.00! :eek: puke:
Dunno what to say about that...
Hope this helps.
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