Serial number needed to reload WordPerfect

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Sep 9, 2008
  1. I have reloaded my hard drive with Windows XP and I now want to load WordPerfect Productivity Pack. I have the CD & serial # to load that sofware but the system rejects the serial # supplied with the software. Corel will not help me. They refer me to Dell and they want to charge me because the PC is out of warrenty. Anyone know a way around the serial # issue? I'm mad because I paid for this software but can't use it.
  2. dg110270

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    I can't believe no one out there can help me. Please.
  3. mscrx

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    sorry to say so but you only have the two choices you already stated plus the illegal way of using "shared keys and/or software" from the internet. techspot wont give you support in illegal things!
    if you want to use the software then you have to pay the price whether you like it or not.
    not sure what dell want to charge you but you can extend warranty (1 more year) for $30. if this is cheaper than their support for out of warranty then do it. if you extend the warranty you might want to think about letting them repair other parts of the computer as well. this way you could get more out of your money spent.
    one thing that just came into my mind... do you know somebody who has an equal config (computer with that software from dell)? if so check if there is still warranty available and get your support with the other service tag. thats not illegal even if its not nice.
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    Thank you for the response. I'll look into your suggestions.
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  6. dg110270

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    Thank you for that link.
  7. Tedster

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    try downloading openoffice (free and legal).

    software piracy is not condoned on techspot.
  8. JonathanPDX

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    OEM WP12 Serial Number Problem

    You have the CD and serial number for the OEM version of Corel WP12, but the serial number doesn't work.

    The serial number on the insert is probably incorrect. I had the same problem when trying to re-install the factory-installed software after performing a system rebuild, and neither Corel nor Dell feels inclined to assist without more money if your product is out of warranty. So much for product loyalty and customer service, let alone Quality Assurance.

    Even though the serial number is printed in upper case on the insert, it must be entered in lower case, and the last numeric character must be left off the second group of characters. Naturally, they don't bother to inform users of these tiny discrepancies, either.

    Try that and see if it resolves your problem.

    Good luck!
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