Serious confusion over Forces Unleashed

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Aug 14, 2011
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  1. I first want to say "sorry" for maybe not being sharp enough to get my the answer to my own question. But I've got some serious confusion of the game Star War : Forces Unleashed for the Sony Playstation 2.

    I think I've beat the game, but at the very end, when the "apprentice" is facing off against Darth Vader in the final stage of the game, and beats him then apparently is going face off against the Emperor, that's where things get dicey.

    The Emperor get's pissed off and rages and makes his chamber walls break, summons his powers and plucks the apprentices ship out of outer space and forces it into his chamber through a window, all the while telling everyone their doomed, their dead, ect. ect. ect.

    Now they break off with a cut scene, the apprentice and another jedi are running for their lives, the hostages are dying and Vader is dead. Who in the blue hell when the cut scene stops is on that "medical table" being brought back to life or tended to by medical droids? While the Emperor is saying to the individual on the table......"I will chew you up and spit you out, like I did with Vader, that is your destiny"! Something to those words, who is on the table. It couldn't be Vader, he's dead and the Emperor wouldn't be referring to Vader in the dead, if it was him.

    Did the Emperor capture and is holding the apprentice, and now will make him be a slave to the dark side? I ask this for Lucas Arts and Sony didn't make Star Wars : Forces Unleashed II for the PS2, only the PS3 and other modern day systems. I have now way of playing the other instalment and seeing where the story line picks up.

    Sorry for the confusion, but if pissed me off when the game congratulated me for beating it, but not being entirely clear as to what happened.
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    First you are talking about the dark side ending. I just watched both on Youtube, and what I can vaguely remember from playing through the carpel tunnel inducing Wii version I went for the light side ending. But watching the scene I am pretty sure it's meant to be the apprentice on the table from the dialog from the Emperor.
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    So you mean to tell me that this game has "alternate endings" depending on what you choose to do in the game? There is a "light side" ending and a "dark side" ending? Wow, I might have to play this one again and try to make choices to get the "light side" ending. Like you, I was fairly sure that it was Vader's apprentice on that surgical table.

    This was a great game, I loved playing it, now I might love playing it again to get the other alternate ending.

    To bad they didn't pump out Force Unleashed II for the Playstation 2, I think my system just missed the boat!
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    Not sure how much it changes the rest of the game as you play through but I'd personally just watch the ending video rather than playing the whole thing again :D

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