Server help please

By diemincut
Jan 12, 2010
  1. ok first off im not sure if im posting this in the right category but here goes ok this has to do with my desktop. previously i was running vista ultimate n had no problems except with the wireless setup, ive been using a belkin wireless g card n it would never stay connected, when id try to repair or disable then enable my computer would freeze or crash all together. now im running home server 2003 in hopes of being able to access my movies from anywhere n now my connection stays on but my comp will freeze randomly, sometimes on startup, 10 mins in and forget tryin to leave it on day n night. then sometimes when i run a program i get a blue screen on main screen saying something about system crash. sry not much detail on the crash screen cause it hasnt happened in a couple days. ive just installed everest on it so let me know what nfo is need to help find a solution. also im unable to connect at times even when both the server n my laptop are connected to the same network with is brand new equipment as of jan 8 2010. hope i described it well enough. i not lay the questions on me. also if using my comp as a server isnt going to work out can i get some suggestions on what to use to be able to access it from anywhere n be able to use my files?
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