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SFC will not run

By wguru
Nov 14, 2009
  1. Why this forum closed a post on this (and on the same day as someone posted twice asking for a resolution), is beyond me, ref a google search on sfc will not run, hits on this forum's unanswered and oddly closed 'March 2005' post.

    Nevertheless, my Acer AspireOne netbook seems to indicate that Acer was too lazy to correct the registry after they apparently used their corp/tech's pc (obviously equipped with an optical drive 'G' when they installed XP on the Acer AspireOne netbook's hard drives), that conclusion is based on the Acer AspireOne XP Sp3's registry(ies) incorrectly pointing to sfc's pathway as G:\USB-2800\Driver (as opposed to C:\1386).

    A simple registry correction resolves what seems to be an OEM 'penny-pinching' issue of refusing to provide Acer users with an XP CD-ROM and seems exacerbated by the OEM tech's laziness and/or ignorance by apparently neglecting to correct the hard drive's registry pathway for sfc.

    Assuch, unknowing users are met with the 'insert XP CD now' when trying to run sfc. But there is a resolution that should have been posted here, way back in 2005.

    It's simply this. Correct the registry pathway for sfc by...


    ..and double clicking that key's "sourcepath" entry, the changing it to wherever the i386 files are stored, eg; in my case it's at "C:\" without the quotes as this seems to be where most OEM's are storing the original XP files.

    Some OEM's and/or XP OS's may also require the same change at...


    Needless to say, before following this advice, users should always make a system restore point and/or make a complete backup of the registry before fiddling with regedit.

    I recommend reading more on how to get sfc to run on XP's at bleepingcomputer dot com - forums - topic - 43051

    happ-e-trails to all,

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Thanks for the info

    By the way, many/most 2005 threads were automatically closed due to the mere fact that they were too old
    I notice that some other forums also close threads that may not have any further response from the original OP who created the thread, ironically this (on other forums ;)) can be within weeks (I think you posted the forum I speak of)

    The "I386" folder location (ideally on the Windows CD as the best intact original files), is actually not located on my XP SP3 computer in the Root of drive C (I'm not actually sure if I deleted it, or if it was never there)
    But either way, the original setup CD is preferred

    Now, this is your point ;)
    The original Setup CD does not exist, on, well, every new OEM computer
    This is where the manufacturer make extra money, by owners also purchasing the Setup CD (or image CD) of which has been designed to Fix issues, including Restore (generally)

    Also to counteract this Restore or Setup CD not being available, OEM Manufacturers also have the option of creating your own emergency recovery/restore disc (generally from the Start menu in Windows. A small consolation I suppose :/

    I would prefer SFC /ScanNow, if used and then requires the I386 Folder to be located on the CD/DVD Disc, so as not to have issues with "My I386 folder is not on my C:\I386" or that the Users I386 folder is not corrupted or infected (even) by malware
    Therefore I still prefer the disc option (as they do as well), just as even MS state to put the Windows disc in (ie Not change the Registry)
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