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hi i don't know if you can actually do this but i would like to make it where
all users have all the same files folders desktop as i do.

reason: I've been locked out of logon before. i really prefer the simple welcome screen with no log on at all but i understand why you need to for security.

anyway, if i get locked out of logon it seems like it would be nice to have full access to all functions same desktop etc... to be able to easily go in and
fix it. all three logons are for myself with administrative privileges.

may sound crazy but sounds like it would be the easiest way to prevent
myself from being locked out.

example: in the past I've typed in my password and even chose no admin password
and have had logon rejected or hidden.

is this a stupid idea or possible?


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IMO, the REAL solution for you is to use a password removal tool whenever you encounter this situation. There are several. All they do is clear the password(s) for the accounts. So whenever you can't remember your password, just clear it with the password removal tool. I use Ultimate Boot CD which has one.

-- Andy
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