SHeur2 gone, or is it? Any leftover damage?

By MadMax891
Jan 4, 2010
  1. (Just to note, I have done the 8 pre-posting steps and have done all the scans needed.)

    Well, it started on the 30th. I started my computer like I always done, and a security alert comes up saying Windows Security Center is turned off. The only reason I found this weird was because I did not touch anything with it, and did not download anything new lately that would alter settings like that. Regardless, I started Firefox, browsing to normal and safe sites like Facebook, hotmail, etc. Then, AVG pops up telling me that it found a trojan(I am unsure if I had a scan running in the background at the time, or if it came up out of nowhere) named SHeur2. The thing is, there was not just one but many of them. This worried me obviously, so I instantly went to remove them. The problem? The trojan constantly either put itself back in, or was constantly spreading itself, as it kept reappearing as fast as if not faster than me removing the trojans. Somehow it eventually stopped spreading. I immediately ran a full scan and it found 0 infections.

    Now, I know it says it is gone, but after something so serious I wanted to bring it up to professionals or at least people who know more about this side of things than me. I am no "newbie" to computers and know a little bit more than you're average user, being able to do a lot from my desktop. I am no expert though. What I don't know a lot about is CMD(other than the basics), registry, virus files(other than what they are on the outside and what they do), and what happens when they are removed. I know it says it is gone, but is it really? And if it is, what damage is left over as a result. I also notice that Windows Security Center is still turned off. It will NOT let me turn it back on, as if something is blocking it. This may not be a big deal if I have a firewall and virus/spyware scanners, but who knows.

    As I said, I figured I would at least bring it up just to clarify the matter. I notice that my computer is also running a tad more sluggish, but this could just be in the head.

    As a background, I have AVG and already had Malwarebytes before the scan. I used to have a trial AVG, but now have AVG Free. I figure the virus may have gotten in before I switched to AVG Free yet. I now have the spyware scanner, hijack this, and zonealarm. ZoneAlarm has been creating some issues with my network, but that is a completely different issue for another post.

    Any input would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Edit: No clue why I didn't just screen capture instead of screen capping the screen capture. Hope it will do.

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    Done and done. No infections found. Do you think that I should be alright? Then windows security center is still disabled and I can't change it. Can't help but wonder if it's really gone, or if it left anything behind.
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