Shopping for a vest -- tips on sizing

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Jan 5, 2013
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  1. O.K. Yesterday I wrote a post, in General Dissuasion. It was asking for help buying a black, and a grey vest for the black suit had just bought. I went to the post today and it showed that I had 23 replies. But, when I tried to view the replies Nothing was there. Just a short while ago, I went to general discussions again, and this time the whole post was missing. I have no doubt that I'm doing something wrong, and that's why I cant see the post, and I'll figure it out eventually.
    Meanwhile I would like to get an answer to just one question. I wear a size 42 regular suit coat,does that mean I would wear a size 42 vest? Thanks Brother Ray?

    I found out my problem. I'm dumb. Besides Techspot I am also a member of's where I wrote the post.. Like I said I'm dumb. But if anyone wants to they can still answer my question about vest sizes. Oh yea Brother Ray is how I end my posts over at
  2. davislane1

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    It's best to go try one on with the jacket; you won't get reliable help for this type of issue on a web forum. I've only worn a vest once (prom), but the correct size is only part of the equation in my experience...You need to see how it fits with the coat & shirt for correct fit and comfort. If you go simply by size you're setting yourself up for trouble.
  3. circusboy01

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    Thanks davislane1
  4. Matthew

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    Yeah, it really depends on how the particular piece is cut. I mean, I've gotten coats and similar items where I've had to size down, other times I've had to size up. I have three vests in the same generic size, yet one is too wide and one is bordering on too narrow. Seems like it mostly depends on the audience the company is after (those targeting younger folks tend to have trimmer cuts). Anyhow, unless you can get the exact measurements of an item and compare it with a similar piece that fits well, or compare with your body measurements, you may want to try it on before you buy it like davislane1 says, otherwise you might be stuck returning it or having it tailored.
  5. learninmypc

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    You're not dumb,either.

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