Should I replace my DVD burner?

By gabox
Mar 27, 2011
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  1. hi,

    Today I burned 3 DVD-R DL and I get theses issues:

    data to be burned: total 7.89 GB
    all discs same brand

    disk 1 just burned 0.47 GB using MagicISO
    disk 2 burned 7.89 GB using MagicISO
    disk 3 burned 7.89 GB using Nero Burning ROM 10

    disk 1 was unable to be read it, obviously, it was an incomplete burn
    disk 2 and 3 were readable but when I try to copy them to the HDD
    the transfer rate was very low like 200-300 KB/s and remaining copy
    time showed 7 hours.

    Later I put 2 other DVD-R DL that I burned a long time ago with these results:
    disk A copy 100% with transfer rate 4-5 MB/s
    disk B copy was almost imposible since the transfer rate was 150 KB/s
    and remaining copy time showed 1 day

    So my DVD burner is in bad state?
    Should I replace it ASAP?

    I don't want to lose more DVD-R DL

  2. gabox

    gabox TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I put the disks 1 & 2 in another PC
    and the low transfer rate remains equals.

    It seems my DVD burner is doing bad burnings

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