Should I upgrade my GeForce3 Ti200 if my Mobo only supports 4x?

By Goober
Jun 9, 2005
  1. Hello All,

    I have a 3 year old Dell Dimension 8200. The motherboard only supports AGP 4x. I am currently using a GeForce3 Ti200, 1.8 P4 and 256 PC800 RDRAM. The performance has been good, however I am thinking of doing some upgrades; bigger power supply, second HD and more memory. One question is should I upgrade the Ti200 with a newer card? I have searched the forum and know that an 8x card will work in a 4x slot and that AGP card are faster that PCI. I need your thoughts on if the performance with a newer AGP card will increase enough to be worth the price of the card? Thanks in advance.

    One unsure Goober.
  2. Goober

    Goober TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Card Suggestions.

    P.S. If any one has a suggection on a new card please let me know. Thx

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