Windows 8 Should I use/skip the "Trend Micro Titanium IS" that came free w/my Win 8.1 machine?


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Just wondering if anyone has an expert opinion they'd like to share on whether the one year of Trend Micro Titanium that Best Buy threw in for free is something I ought to actually use, or should I just install the apps that are generally recommended in this forum?

My big consideration is how much the security software I use will slow down my system. Although I don't do anything too rigorous, so maybe I shouldn't worry about that?

Thanks very much in advance, and I hope this is an ok topic for this section!


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I think you should try it at least for a while. Only you can decide if it's suitable for your computer and situation. Trend Micro gets good reviews and it's free. There are plenty of excellent free alternatives that you can download and in fact Windows 8.1 has good security built in of its own. See how it goes.