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Nov 9, 2004
  1. (There are several TS threads dealing with this - could someone 'move' this one -- or tell me how to find related messages? Thanks.)

    Seems strange to look for wiring/hardware defects {see other posts}when there are several (many?) of us getting essentially the same error message and/or symptom.

    I've been seeing random shutdown (I unchecked "shut down", so now I get the BSOD + error message) ever since I added a Plextor external CD/DVD burner to my USB2 port. It happens when I am using one of a few "labor/CPU intensive" programs, like EasyShare (photo management) software or viewing video input from my DV camcorder. Or just when I don't expect it!!

    Message is (w/ slight variations):
    *** STOP: 0X0000000A <IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL>
    *** Address: 804311EC base at 80400000
    ntoskrnl.exe <----- this occurs frequently

    ***STOP 0X0000000A <0X00000016, 0X00000002, 00000000, 0X804311EC
    Address 804311EC base 80400000, date stamp 40d1d183
    Begin memory dump......etc etc

    I've seen reference to this Stop message in MS's article 867778, and it specifically mentions
    my OS W2K SP4. MS says there is a "HotFix", but so far I have not chosen to
    pay them $99 to answer my email ! (My OS was purchased/installed by my service techs and
    not acquired as part of a new system. I did give them my Prod ID # - they still want me to pay!)

    Any solutions to this STOP error will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. joshuarowley42

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    I know what you mean... i used to have the same problem....

    have you recently installed any new software... that might be the problem...
    remember windows is not the ideal and most stable OS!!!!
  3. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Welcome to TechSpot

    This is not going to help you direct, but everybody should bookmark this site with STOP-errors:

    Question: did you put that burner directly into a PC-USB-port or in a hub?
    Hubs quite often do not supply enough power to feed "hungry" dvd-drives etc.

    Your graphics card is of a rather low spec if you do video-intensive things.
    Is your powersupply strong enough to handle the extra load?

    Surf to to get a file with all W2K-services and recommendations to keep or stop etc.
    Stopping a few unnecessary services made my W2K/SP4 very stable. Same install since early 2003!
  4. Don G

    Don G TS Rookie Topic Starter

    DVD burner IS plugged directly into USB2 port, not thru a hub.

    Power supply is 400W

    Suggestions for a better graphics card?
    (However, I think that I was doing a fair amount of photo album manipulating [ie., loading large numbers of photos into albums for review] before this shutdowon problem began. Hmmm..)

    PS: My Norton AV is uptodate, and used regularly, Spybot S+D has been used recently, and Trend's "housecall" AV has been run recently.
  5. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    What are thetemperatures of CPU and motherboard?
    Could your cooler be loose or the fan of it dirty?
    Are all other fans clean and working?

    Try reseating all memory chips and cards (PCI and AGP). Check that all your flat-cables between mobo and disk-drives are OK. Check powercables from PSU to mobo and drives.
  6. Don G

    Don G TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK -
    1. How do I check temp of
    b. Motherboard

    2. Having had (years ago) an AMD 6/2 CPU with heat problems, I have

    a. Blown a considerable amount of dust from (around) CPU and mobo.
    b. Replaced a fan (1 of 2 to/from exterior of tower) which was not moving.
    d. Verified that CPU fan was moving air.

    3. Can I safely re-seat various chips, boards? (Remember I'm a turnkey sort of guy)

    4. Should I consider removing/replacing CPU fan and heat transfer grease?

    5. Any thoughts on MS's Hotfix (Article # 867778) for this problem? (and how I could obtain it)
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