Siemens SpeedStream 4100 (SBC)

By rlyeh
Mar 19, 2009
  1. I have strange problem with that modem. Its synchronizing with DSL normally, and working if i setup connection to PPPoE from Windows. But, if i try to configure it to do PPPoE from modem, i get error CHAP autorization.. also cant seem to figure how to make it always connect apon powering on.
    I have latest SBC firmware..
    Also, ive heard that SBC firmware is crippled.. is it possible to flash it Retail Siemens BIOS? if yes, where can i get it?

    Big thanks in advance.
  2. rlyeh

    rlyeh TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    Update, flashed it with SpeedStream 4200. Seems they are same?!
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