Siemens Simatic PC F125 Disk Activity Issue

I recently unplugged a Siemens Simatic PC F125 in order to move it to another rack space. After moving the machine, and plugging it back in, there was no display or disk activity on boot. I double checked to see if any cables had detached and/or had come loose during the move, but all were fine. The machine was in working order before the move. I have replaced the drive, the sata cable, the bus card, and the video cards that attach to the bus card. I also tested to see if the machine would display to an external monitor (has built in display) and I had no luck. I am at a loss of what to do next. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Unfortunately I think the chances of anyone on these forums having first hand knowledge of PC controller for industrial automation, let alone this particular model, is going to be somewhat slim. I know a little of Siemens PLCs but this one alludes me - I'm guessing that it's pretty old? If so, there's a good chance some of the components, such as RAM or any expansion cards, have been loose in their slots during the move.
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Yeah it's pretty old. Checked all the ram,and cables, and everything checks out. Unsure of what to do. I would hate to scrap it, but it seems to be coming to that.