Silverstone Raven X Case Review: Flagship level cooling, priced for the masses

By Steve ยท 4 replies
Oct 29, 2015
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  1. Silverstone first caught our attention with beautiful HTPC cases such as the LC13B-E, but it really landed on our radar with the $180, 90-degree stacked design Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E). After a solid Raven 3 succesor and taking a step backwards with the Raven 4, the company is once again trying its hand with the new Raven X (RVX01). Designed for the masses the RVX01 features an MSRP of just $80, but is it any good?

    Silverstone promises that the RVX01 will deliver flagship level cooling performance, ample drive space and full size component compatibility. The Raven X looks as aggressive as ever and despite the affordable $80 price tag it will come with three 120mm AP fans out of the box.

    Read the complete review.

  2. Kibaruk

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    An awesome review as always, spot on. Really liked the looks and air flow from bottom to top, having the IO panel on top looks a lot better and the steel mesh helps hide a lot of the normal cabling that goes out the back, which is a nice touch. As sugested I'm normally a budget type of builder, won't go with 225 mm video card or 1000w psu, or big aftermarket coolers (My Hyper XT3 wont have a problem fitting :p) so I would certainly buy this case at $80.

    One thing on your second paragraph, there is an "a" where you probably wanted to say and or nothing at all.
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  3. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 2,869   +2,039

    Thanks for the feedback and for spotting the typo, I have fixed it now ;)
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  4. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    One thing I'll say about Silverstone cases is that you never sit on the fence with them, it's either love them or hate them, I'm the latter. I like the concept of the bottom to top airflow though... if only they weren't so goddamned ugly.
  5. mcborge

    mcborge TS Guru Posts: 426   +278

    I like the mobo orientation and bottom up air flow but it looks too cramped and I'm not a fan of the origami styling either. I have a corsair carbide air 540, which is the best case I have ever built a system in, it has so much room to work with.

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