Skylake Socket 1151 Heat Sink Fan Cmpatibility

By captaincranky
Dec 27, 2015
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  1. Does anyone know definitively whether the new Skylake socket LGA-1151 will take a heat sink fan designed for the older LGA-1150 Haswell socket?

    The 1151 socket is mentioned in almost none of the ad copy for coolers. I'm wondering if it's a case of none of the ad copy having been updated to include this new socket, or the HSF for Skylake is indeed different....:confused:

    Keep in mind I'm looking at a 6th generation i3 CPU, and with something like only 51 watts TDP, the stock cooler would likely be quite adequate, save for the typical whine the high revving Intel stockers give off.

    Any thoughts guys?
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    Well, thanks for the help and moral support....(y)

    Intel doesn't even have a spec manual for the LGA 1151. The fact that they're in no hurry to publish it, pretty much tacitly tells me there is no mechanical difference between any of the LGA 11xx socket or HSF mounting dimensions.

    Here is LGA-1150: The "socket stackup height" is on pg 24, and the mounting bolt pattern for the HSF is on pg 30 (75 x 75 mm square).

    Here's LGA-1155: The "socket stackup height" is on pg 37, while the bolt pattern for the HSF is on pg 106. (I know right. What the heck is up with that :confused: )? Again it's 75 x 75 mm square.

    Intel is a bit confused about a couple of the i3 Skylake specs as well. While the wafers were still cooking, Intel was claiming 47 watts TDP, and now that they're "out in the wild", it's 51 watts TDP. Newegg calls it a "65 watt CPU", but that's what Intel call the "thermal solution wattage" for the HSF.

    Anyhoo, my Ivy i3-3225 is sitting here under an Arctic Pro 7, and plugging along nicely @ 28c & 30c at idle. I'll wat til they come down to 20 bucks and grab another one for a, "board to be named later".

    Ironically, the hottest thing in the computer, is 2TB WD Black @ 32c, while the system drive, a 600GB WD "Velociraptor" is idling at 25c. Go figure, it must be the "ice pack".

    Thanks again.

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