Skype’s social media accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Shawn Knight

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The Syrian Electronic Army isn’t wasting any time in the New Year. On Wednesday, the group managed to hack into the Facebook account, Twitter account and blog of Skype to spread their anti-spying propaganda on the web.

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So they told Skype to stop spying and now expect them to listen because they got hacked.


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What bothers me the most with these articles is the "got hacked" part of the headlines always. Totally making it sound like these guys just mashed their keyboards for a while and got access to the Fb/twitter/whatever accounts.

Is that really the truth, should that kind of fear mongering be allowed?
I get people coming into the shop all the time going on about "should we buy a firewall program so hackers wont steal our bank password". I blame the media for reporting about these things in such a way that it sounds like hackers can just log into anything anywhere at any time by just mashing enough keys.

The way I have it the only real way to get into accounts like these (barring large database dumps from actual hackers) is to "befriend" the person and get background info related to security questions like "whats your pets name?" and to reset their password on them. Or just put "passw0rd" in and hope they chose something stupid like that.