Slim PS3 to arrive this fall, Microsoft to shift 360 lineup?

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Sony had plenty of noteworthy announcements to make at this year’s E3 conference. From an impressive game lineup for 2009, to its intriguing new motion sensing technology, and the proclaimed “worst kept secret of E3,” the PSP Go. But despite expectations that it would lower the price of the PlayStation 3 console, the company had no such announcement to make, claiming that from their perspective E3 “is all about content.”

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I really do hope SONY drops the price for a lot of unfortunate gamers who would like to own the classy PS3 monster but can't.

Which ever way that pans out, one thing is for sure, and is that they stay true to their customers as it relates to longevity, durability, reliability, and an out of this world gaming experience with Killer titles just around the corner.

SONY 10 years life cycle to be finished off with the slim maybe.

M$ on the other hand is another story....they want to follow and counter, but unfortunately for them their history have a lot to be desired. Drop and run. (ditch the fans)


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Sony played this about as smart as they could. Since sales were already poor dismissing the rumor's was a good idea. If people on a massive scale knew they could wait for the better, smaller, and cooler (as in less hot) version, they would wait.

Had Sony addmitted to the price drop rumors, well, same as above.

Due to the use of parts using a smaller fab process than the 90nm (now using 45 on Cell and 55? on graphics) they are currently using, Sony will save quite a bit. I personally have been waiting for this refresh before I buy, not due to the price drop, but due to the lower power requirements and heat output.


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If MS had Never entered the gaming market I bet everyone would have a PS3. I have a PS3 and An Xbox 360 and a WII. Rich? no I can't afford a HD TV. I got my PS3 in January and the last time I was online was 30 days ago. I only have COD 4 and GTA 4. I need more games really but can't afford it ATM. I will buy MAG (massive action game) that looks amazing. Just hope its not too bandwidth heavy with the 200 player matched.


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"If MS had Never entered the gaming market I bet everyone would have a PS3"

If MS never entered the market then perhaps Sega, the god of consoles, would still be in the business. Seriously the Saturn was wayyyy ahead of it's time with internet access and internet services for it. Not the mention the dream cast. The graphics on both were on par with their playstation counterparts (sometimes better). ah, a man can dream can't he, a man can dream...


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I watched an interview with the head of sony on spike tv last night, he implied that there will be no price drop on the ps3, by reverting the question saying how the ps3 has dropped 40% in price from its release, and they like to think that the quality of the software and hardware is and will be their selling point.


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Slim PS3? Did they not learn from The 360 and the RROD issue that people might want more reliable hardware than a crap pile of it shoved together in an plastic mold that can barely hold back from bursting into flame?

Also, Microsoft wasn't the end of Sega, The Dreamcast was being considered dead after the PS2. Which was unfortunate considering the hardware superiority and library of games that could easily stand against Sony's. The Xbox actually took a lot of pages from Sega's future console ideas that were not yet utilized and kept them alive.


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Guest said:
I really do hope SONY drops the price for a lot of unfortunate gamers who would like to own the classy PS3 monster but can't.
I don't really mind if they keep the price high. I'm a PCWii60 gamer, and the combination is working for me. If Sony were to lower its price on the PS3 I'd have have to contest between getting games for two expensive systems (360 and PS3) and game sfor two cheap systems (PC and Wii).

I don't have an HD TV set yet, so the appeal to Blu-Ray is a failed market approach for me. I'd rather have a PS3 with a less expensive DVD drive honestly.


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Hello ...

Each time i see an article on the PS3 ... I get the same feeling .. another Next-Gen war thread!


The "Press Media" is guilty of publishing a "Rumoured Price cut" and or associated with a "Slim cut-down PS3" ... If i was

SONY, i would sue you all.

The PS3 sales is directly impacted for if every month there's a possibility of price drop down, what will the potential

customers do? they will wait ... making thus a lost in Momentum.

The Press shoud be unbiased and let the people decide on which system they want, publishing rumours help competitors!

So please for the Sake of Quality & the PS3 ... STOP This right away!

I don't care about other consoles, I'm a PC & a PS3 Owner.

The WII is great for family games & good concept too.
The Xbox 360 has some great titles that are worth visiting.
The mobile consoles are just uncomparable here .. it's anoher history!

Why I did not go for the WII or the X360:

- Same or less graphics capabilities than my PC or PS3
- Shared "Exclusive titles" with my PC
- I'm a lone gamer !!! - Mario Kart won't do it if i'm all alone :(
- Had no Internet then - Still no broadband for now - maybe in a couple of months (so NO online or multiplayer ...)
- I'm no kid or teenager!

Why I will not go for the WII or X360:

- RROD (even if no more, can't be sure)
- Same content on my PC (huh said so!)
- Proved already Maxed Out !!!
- Concept mostly for family, kids gameplay for the WII (I need serious games)
- They are cracked - sign of a lack of consideration from MS & Nintendo to prevent Software Theft!
- Already own a PS3 ;)

Things i regret having no WII or X360:

- Excercises !!! :)
- Gears of War (huh got the first one on my PC though)
- The project Natal
- Great Online Interface
- Family games !!!

Things I have with my PS3 & PC combo:

- Most games exclusive to MS (no Xbox & RROD, but some BSOD ha!)
- True "Exclusives" to PS3
- Great beautiful (huh!) black console, next to my black 42" HD TV ... that doesn't sound like a jet plane !
- Not Cracked ....
- Games like Uncharted Drake's fortune, LBP, Heavenly Sword, Lotsa Multi too !!! on PS3
- God of War 1 & 2 (yes my PS3 is compatible)
- Games like Diablo, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Sacred & lotsa more (All Originals!)

Things i will have with the PS3 & PC Combo

- Games like God of War III, Heavy Rain, Afrika, inFamous & Some great Multis that still look good on PS3 too!
- More and more services for free on PSN
- No RROD or BSOD (huh, even my PC is so stable lately ...)

So either you own one system or another, it doesn't make the ones you don't have so bad. If you can live with RRODs or

pirated software, good for you, if you prefer pay more (console + games) & happy with what you have, great then!

Stop nagging people about who's the best! For what i can see is that the major drawback with SONY's Console is it's price!
Woa that says long on others ...

I always Say: Customers can do what they want, but the Press & developers, be careful of what you do!
Press : You influence people!
Developers: Giving exclusive to Cracked system is not a good idea!

To this,

Thank you for reading & sorry for the long post!



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I reckon there will be some kind of performance cut back with the slim version , when they brought out the slim ps2 the dvd player was crap and a significant price drop is a bit away yet , the blue ray components are pricey , making profit margins to small if they did bring the price down,


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hello ...

No price cut, no slim version with performance cut back, SONY Said cannot drop the Blu-ray!

Don't forget that Quality Games (or any Multimedia content) requires a lot of space so Blu-ray is the perfect medium for now.

Still, sorry for repeating, Please STOP this rumour, for it doesn't help anyone.

The console may be higher in price, but delivers contents accordingly.

The actual PS3:
No fear of a breakdown, possibility of doing a simple restore since FW 2.50
HDD can be easily upgraded
Great True Exclusive titles (Only the WII can compete on that field)
Big potential (if developers stop nagging about the price & start to work - its a good ROI)
Uncracked (Good for developers / bad for lame false other console fanboys - who steals !)

Sony don't need to downgrade the system or cut down its price, keep up the good work with games like God of War, Last Guardian, Uncharted & give support to these developers (not forgetting inFamous, LBP, Heavy Rain, etc .. etc...)

To those who decided to go Multi, too bad for you for it's sure that you games will sell less on the PS3 & will be copied (stolen) on PCs or Xbox360 (cracked platforms) even if you'll make a lot of sales, there will be a considerable "manque à gagner" ...

Those who leave the Sony platform are taking higher risks, if it's money you want, start working for it instead of saying its difficult, for then you would have to explain the quality of True Exclusives!!!

Now ... for the good sake, NO to rumours !!! If you want to buy a PS3 do so with the numerous advantages in mind, if you want to wait for the price to drop ... your'e free!

If you are an Xbox or WII fan, you don't have to comment on this if you don't intend to buy a PS3, for most of the time (i say "most") you just want to start another next-gen war thread!

PS3 is not cheap, but gives valuable services (Free PSN + lotsa stuff), great potential accessories - Eye Toy / better wireless controller, PlayTV, the new motion detector.

Soon to be concepts ...

Don't forget that these devices are still under developement somehow & in a near future we'll see more of what they all can bring.

Till then, please not make the same mistake, there's enough customers worldwide for all platforms, so in the end if all the companys can make it with great sales figures and gamers can have the best software around ... be it!

I keep repeating but please the PRESS MEDIA - STOP ALL RUMOURS !!!

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