Windows 10 Slim version of Windows 10?


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I'm asking if there is by any chance a cut down version of windows 10 one that hasn't got any of the Telemetry that spy's on you and gives you some control if not all of what you Update. A shop assistant at a local store here where I live told me there is one and he also said that Microsoft knows about it since it came from them, I have looked around but cannot find one anywhere. Is this guy telling me lies I don't know, he said there is such a product. What do guys think, Yes Or No?


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Yes of course there is - but don't ask for a link. I wanted something similar for my atom powered netbook which ran Windows 10 like a snail and udates took forever. In the end I "upgraded" it to XP. It runs smoothly now and there are no updates. Unless you are one of those who can't accept progress I'd stick with Windows 10 full fat.


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Windows10DebloaterThere is one as part of MS' Enterprise licensing, but it has to be activated against an Enterprise license server. It would be hard to find the LTSC 2019 ISO outside an enterprise environment, and as I say, you have to register it against an enterprise KMS server (I would absolutely never use some hack that runs a "local" KMS service on the machine, as that service is quite likely to be carrying all sorts of nasty code with it).

Now, whatever someone might cobble together under Python is not for discussion here...

Your best bet is to load the regular, full version of MSWin10, then use one of various tools to strip out all the cruft. Windows10Debloater has worked well on a couple family machines.