Slimline & Chaintech 8600GT PCI-E x16

By the.ronin
Apr 1, 2008
  1. I want to preface that I didn’t buy my “cheap” computer as a gaming machine (i.e., stickied thread above). I’ve got an Xbox 360 for that. But as with all things I own, I just want to get the most bang out of it. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat noobian when it comes to building computers so please bear with me.

    I’ve got an HP Pavillion Slimline s3223w. I’m almost certain it’s got a 160 watt psu. Would anyone know if I might run into problems running this Chaintech 8600GT? It would seem that this is the most powerful card I can run without blowing up my computer.

    I do not have the link handy, but a breakdown of a huge list of video cards suggested that the Nvidia 8600GT PCI-E only took up just less than 30W. Although this one is a GDDR2 and not a 3 I believe. Am I mistaken in thinking it will work on my cheap machine?

    For what it’s worth I’m running Windows XP Pro SP2 and maxed out on 2 GB of RAM.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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  3. the.ronin

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    Thanks for the response, kpo ... I had actually taken a good look at those cards. Passive cooling kind of worries me - and some of those reviews confirm the heat those things can generate.

    I just noticed my links weren't working. This is the Chaintech ...
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