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Jul 27, 2010
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  1. Hi!

    Si I just created a ad-hoc network but it's rly slow, when I try to go to any other pages than it "times out". The connection speed is 1mbps but why? -how can I get it faster?
    I created the adhoc network with WinXP and I also tried to use Buffalos software.

    The network card is a Buffalo Wireless-G 125High Speed (PCI).
  2. example1013

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    So it's a wireless network?
  3. DjKraid

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  4. example1013

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    Okay, well, there are a few things to look for right away when you're dealing with a slow wireless connection.

    First thing to watch out for is the channel your router is broadcasting on. There may be other devices operating on the same channel. For instance, my router broadcasts in the 2.4 Ghz spectrum. Many USB keyboards and mice also broadcast in the same spectrum. If they're operating on the same frequency, you'll get interference. Other networks on the same channel will also cause interference.

    The best thing to do is change the channel that your router operates on. I've heard that Channels 1, 6, 11, and 14 provide the best results. You'll want to use a program to look for the least populated channel (because other devices might be using the channels) and select that for your router. I've heard that SSIDer is a good program to use for this, but you should probably find one for yourself, as I've never had this problem.

    Placement can also be a problem. Where is the router located in relation to the computer? Walls can cut signal strength dramatically, as can simple distance. If your router has too many obstructions, you may want to move either the router or the computer so that the two are closer to each other.

    There are probably other things that could get in the way of your wi-fi. These are just a couple of things to check. If you try both of these and still have problems, I guess you'll need a different solution.
  5. DjKraid

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    I have tried all the channels (1-16 if I'm not mistaking) and the signal strength is 5/5 and there are no walls or anything in the way and there are no wireless junk :D

    I will try the SSIDer anyway and see what it says :) I'll post the results when I have tried it.

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