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Sep 15, 2014
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  1. I'm running W7 64bit / ie10; Processor Intel i5 / RAM 8.0GB: When I open a desktop folder containing about 30GB of video files, a slow green progress bar scrolls across the top left section and when it finally arrives at the end, the message reads " Windows Explorer is not responding" and that is the end of my mission to do anything with a video file.
    Anny suggestions ? I have read other forums and discovered, that there are many other MS users with that problem, but no "Solution". 1. 3.
  2. jobeard

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    Solution is known on this site - - search for green bar
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  3. gbhall

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  4. jobeard

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    'General' stuck as a setting for me at least.

    @Karlheinz : consider reorganizing the contents into subfolder to reduce the number of files directly visible.
    For example, My Pictures are organize into a hierarchy like:
    • Country
      • City
        • Venue
    • Family
      • Event Name
    • Friends
    Any such subfolder can then be viewed with Icon settings for preview without that massive, intensive Green Bar
  5. Karlheinz

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    After trying just about everything that has been suggested to eliminate the slow green bar, I’m sure I found the fix:
    I disabled the “Ad-Aware Total Security” which I’m running for the time I need to relocate my movie files.
    It works for me! ;) No GREEN BAR at all !
  6. gbhall

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    It may be that what you have achieved by disabling that software is stopping it from examining every movie file for adverts. However, you are probably reducing your security by doing that. Other suggestions that may be better for you are those in which you sub-divide your larger files into a number of sub-folders. Or check the ad-aware software to see if you can just disable checking of a limited range of file types. OR ignore one or two specific folders.
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  7. jobeard

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    Some fundamentals:

    Consider what is happening when the OS goes looking for something:

    get yourself a command prompt (search, enter CMD and hit enter)
    in the window just type NOTEPAD and enter

    Yep, you get the Notepad application

    But HOW did that happen?

    Conceptually it is quite easy: the system searches every directory listed in the %PATH% variable. I'll show you mine:
    C:\Users\Jeff>echo %PATH%
    \Perl\c\bin;C:\Perl\perl\site\bin;C:\Perl\perl\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickT
    ime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Utilities 1.3.5\;C:\Program Fil
    es (x86)\MOVEit;C:\UnixEQUIV;C:\Curl\curl-7.34.0;
    (yea, linewrap on the copy / paste)
    Goodness, that's a long list !

    this creates a program lookup something like
    foreach $dir in %PATH% {
       if fileexists(notepad.exe) { launch notepad.exe}
    two performance choices:
    1. put everything into ONE directory to reduce the Foreach ()
    2. use as MANY directory as possible to reduce the fileexists(notepad.exe) test
    It just happens the the Foreach() is faster as the fileexists(notepad.exe) test is expensive (aka slow in and of itself).

    SO WHAT? This is directly the performance issue noted in this topic - - slow response times creating the Green Bars.

    @Karlheinz comment demonstrates there are secondary possibilities to the 'slow response times', but in general, using dirs/subdirs to organize you files will greatly improve your statisfaction when opening any dir/.

    As a consideration, did you ever place all your files into My Documents/ - - almost unusable wasn't it. Not only difficult for you to find the file you wanted, but regardless of how you sorted the folder {modified, name, type, size} you still had difficulty in locating 'associated content' (eg: cities visited on your 200x vacation)

    The takeaway here is: Better organization always pays in finding files and system performance.
  8. philhill

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    OK, This fixed it for me. I tried everything in every forum I could find for over a month.. It seems that the common denominator in this issue was that it happens in folders with video files and that it didn't always do this, but was a recent occurrence, indicating that something had changed. After a month or so with this problem the one thing that was suggested that I didn't try was to delete a corrupted file because I had hundreds of movies in the folder and didn't know where to start or which was corrupted, but that was the issue. Apparently I had a few corrupted files and as soon as they were deleted the issue went away.

    Try this. Watch which file is still waiting for all of the info to display while the progress bar creeps along. In my movies folder I have both individual files and folders that have files in them. Sort so that the individual files sort first, not the folders. I noticed that it was showing all of the file names but not displaying the date and other info for a file while the bar crept across the page. That made me think that maybe this was the corrupted file. I deleted that file and refreshed my movie folder.. It then stopped when it got to another file so I deleted that one then another. Once those three files were deleted my problem was fixed. There may be corrupted files in the movies are inside of their own folder but that didn't seem to matter to Explorer. Sure enough the movies I had added about 2 months ago when the problem showed up were the culprits.

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