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May 23, 2009
  1. just like the title says im getting really slow internet on wired connection, so I reinstalled xp sp3 on my almost 5 year old computer, but oddly after the reinstallation the situation remains, for example it takes FOREVER to get to facebook, most of the time it would just say "network timeout" and that is not just limited to facebook but every site including google, also my steam icons in my friends list wont even show up. this is really strange. I also tried of course uninstalling/reinstalling the network driver, repairing the connection in xp, reset my router and modem and switching around with multiple Ethernet cables but nothing seems to be working for me...
    I am sure that it is not my router's fault because i have 3 other computers(wired&wireless) attached to my router and they all work just fine.
    please help me out here guys i ran out of ideas. thanks in advance.

    and heres my computer specs:
    OS: running xp sp3
    cpu: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.21ghz (socket 754)
    Motherboard: Asus K8N-E
    Memory: 2gb (1gb x 2 )
    videocard: ATI x800 pro 256mb AGP 8x
    sound card: creative SB audigy 2 zs platinum
    HDD: 120gb 7200rpm SATA
    router: D-link DI-524
  2. I had the same problem once, I found out that it was some kind of worm who was messing with my network connection. Run a virus scan and if that won't help then I don't know what else you should do, it could be something with the motherboard, some glitch maybe, or it's just getting too old.
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    but i did a fresh installation of xp, so there should not be any virus left on the hdd. yea ... i started to think that it is my motherboard's fault, i mean there is just no other reason that it is still slow after all the things i have tried.
    any one else?
  4. jobeard

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    hardware is one of the LAST things to suspect.

    your browsing habits can get a new installed corrupted within minutes --
    heck, there are studies that show a new system without a router and/or firewall can
    get infected in five minutes.

    be sure to use ANY firewall, install a router if you're not using dial-up, stay off
    p2p and *Torrent, facebook, youtube sites, and start this process
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    You should scan the system for Spyware/Trojan. Rising PC Doctor free and does a nice job fixing, repairing, scanning/downloading/installing new OS Patches, scans for spyware/trojans on the free. Does so much more. I use it on every systems from Server to Client. No problems.

    TCP/IP Stack you need to run a program to tweak the TCP/IP, like Dr-TCP, SG TCP Optimizer even IOBIT Advanced System Care Free has this feature also.
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