Smart-pin power connector HP 6715s

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I brought an HP 6715s notebook from eBay and it never booted. So I searched for hardware problems onto Mother Board and found that the previous owner broke the power switch by means of a screwdriver or something similar.
I asked informations, pictures, schemes about it in this forum some months ago without success, I searched them throught internet and so on always without success, and the last time I guessed that notebook power connector is a bit strange for me: the power source isn't like standard types. The notebook is an HP 6715s.
The Power connector has the ground on the external ring side and +19V into the internal ring side. There is another central pin that is something more then 12V voltage but after connected it goes to about 5,9v voltage.
HP information explain that the power source is "smart-pin" type and informations over the web say:

1) that the central pin should be usefull for saving power tecnology;

2) others write that it is needed for to say to HP notebooks that the Power source is an HP original;

3) others that it is normally grounded and that it's used to tell to the notebook that power supply is connected althought that the batteries.

Someone says that they can use any power source for those HP notebooks, someone says that notebook doesn't turn on if they haven't a smart-pin power source type.

I'm a bit confused because I can't find any absolutely right information. I can't find anything about pinout information, I don't know what is the right voltage for the central pin; I really don't know if it is needed for to say something to the notebook, or if it listens any kind of signal from the notebook for control purposes or anything else.

I would like to receive any kind of informations about this problem please.
Any help will be apreciated
thanks in advance


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Simple, the AC Adapter jack contains a center pin and a grounding ring. 19 volts to the center pin. If someone stuck a screwdriver into the jack, it is trashed. Hopefully the motherboard isn't damaged too.
oh thanks for your response, but it isn't so simple. I it was so simple I wouldn't ask about it.
I took some pictures, but I haven't time now to edit and upload them. I'll do it later. thanks again


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The "smart" feature is probably handled by the motherboard. The DC Jack may have an extra pin or 2. It is still a simple circuit
Hi desigabri - I have exactly the same problem! Did you solve the mystery of smart-pin? I put +19 volt on the center pin and ground to outside ring but no sign of power. The after market adapters I've seen only have these two connections so what gives? Thanks!


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It would be nice to see some pictures, because the AC adapter has simply 2 conductors, +DC and ground. The smart feature could take the +DC voltage to another "smart" circuit on the motherboard itself
Hello Tmagic650,

It would be nice to see some pictures, because the AC adapter has simply 2 conductors, +DC and ground. The smart feature could take the +DC voltage to another "smart" circuit on the motherboard itself

Well the "smart-pin" adapters have 3 connections, here's a picture of the socket:


Sorry as I haven't posted more than 5 times I'm not allowed to insert images or links!! Hope you can work out where the dots go!

Ground is on the outside as normal, +19 volts on the inner ring and the center is where the "smart-pin" goes.
If you only apply power to the inner & outer rings the laptop will not power up. You need to apply +19 to the center pin as well.
According to HP "The Smart technology signals the power rating and if maximum rating of the adapter is reached, the notebook will reduce its power consumption".
I do not know how the signaling works as I do not have a "smart-pin" adapter.

Hope this helps others & if anyone knows (or cares!) how the "smart-pin" is implemented I'd love to know.

Best regards,


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Thanks Greg,
I appreciate the info... I have seen this type of connector. That smart pin must take the 19 volts to the sensing circuit

So desigabri must obtain the proper replacement DC jack and remove all leftover pins from the motherboard
smart pin

yes, thanks at all. In another place they told me that it is possible to bypass the problem of a wrong power adapter by a simple modification of the motherboard. But they stopped tell me more then this so they didn't help me. Now you told that the smart pin has to be at 19V. So I understand why I had power-on problems and which kind of simple modification they were speaking about to me. May be that crossing the 19V from power supply to the smart-pin input throught a diode I''ll be able to turn the notebook on also if my power adaptor is wrong. Hope this is the solution, THANKS AT ALL
modified power adaptor

I got a older power adapter to work in place of my smart power adapter that died by adding a 1k resistor from the +19v to the smart center pin. Now it recolonizes it and will run.

Nothing special about the 1k resistor, I just didn't feel safe putting the full +19v on that pin.

This is just temporary till my new power adapter arrives in like 5 days. Gotta love warranty shipping.
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