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Sep 14, 2009
  1. Hello
    I bought a socks server service recently but i dont know how to configure ports for allocated 254 IPs. actually i have my website and i trade socks for yahoo programs and untill few days back i had 3rd party who was working on configuring IPs for me. as that guy left now, I need to configure ports for the IPs and i dont have a clue how to manage

    i would really appriciate if anyone help us

  2. raybay

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    Maybe he quite because of you, or just took on an assumed name?
  3. Rick

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    Eh? You trade socks... or stocks?

    If you're talking about setting up a socks proxy server, that makes sense. If you're talking about some server that does 'stocks', I'm not really sure (and I doubt anyone else is here) what you need.

    Generally speaking -- if you actually need to configure any ports -- it is to allow access from an outside network. If you're running a proxy that some other network needs to access, then you'll need to configure your router and everyone's firewall to allow traffic onto the particular port which your proxy server is running on. 8080 and 1080 are common proxy ports, but it could be anything. You need to know what proxy software you are running and what port it is running on.

    In a nutshell, if this is what I think it is, you need someone there to help you or it sounds like you're going to make a mess of things. :)

    If you're talking about some sort of 'stocks server', it sounds proprietary. Any questions you have about it will need to be addressed the company that makes it or that you purchased it from.
  4. johny007in

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    acually you are right i am talking about socks proxy server. I have installed cc proxy by youngzsoft. I have 254 allocated Ips with windows 2003 server. I even tried with private ports and using yahoo mass iggy program in yahoo chat rooms i was able to connect bot ids but was not able to put them on voice. I am making a mistake somewhere. could anyone pls help.
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