[Solved] Is it possible to still have a trojan after reformatting?

By rooker
Aug 8, 2010
  1. I am using windows xp pro and my computer is hardwired. I have had problems with being redirected to incorrect websites after doing a google search. After using Malwarebytes to clean a trojan, I still had problems. So, I reinstalled windows. Now, even if I use mozilla or IE, I still get redirected after a search. I have another computer that is wirelessly connected, and even it is now being redirected. What do I have??? Shouldn't the reinstall have cured my problem?
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    Welcome aboard [​IMG]

    Couple of possibilities...

    1. The other computer is also infected.
    2. THIS computer was still hardwired to the internet while reinstalling Windows. Your computer didn't have any firewall, so it could get infected at installation time.
    3. Your router is infected.
    4. A combination of the three above.

    Your router may be infected.
    We need to hard reset it.
    Turn the computer off.

    On your router, you'll find a pinhole marked "Reset".
    Keep pushing the hole, using a pencil, or a paperclip until all lights briefly come off and on.
    Restart computer and check for redirections
  3. rooker

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    it seems to be fine now

    You are a genius! I reset the router like you suggested and both computers seem fine now. Would the problem be only there or should I be rechecking for malware on both computers? How do I restore the old settings I had on the router? I hate to redo the passwords on my iphone, xbox, etc... thanks!
  4. Broni

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    I'm glad, it worked :)

    Unfortunately, you'll have to restore everything manually :(
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