Some pages will load blank in ie and firefox

By killermiller
Nov 23, 2008
  1. Hi i have found some pages will load blank in ie, so have tried firefox and they still load blank.after reading a post i have installed hjt and run a scan and made a log file.
    where do i post this log?
    please help
  2. ascot54

    ascot54 TS Rookie Posts: 87


    see my post re IE... its under the Vundo Virus buddy..

    basically go to IE options...
    scroll to place images and select them

  3. killermiller

    killermiller TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks ascot tried that still no joy most pages load ok just a few don`t.
    how do i post my log thanx km
  4. ascot54

    ascot54 TS Rookie Posts: 87


    me new here too !
    will help where i can..

    what you need to do is save the log files from MAM and SAS and HJT,

    then once you in here, click reply to thread...
    you will see a paper clip icon on the top row to the right of the smiley,
    click on that
    browse to wherever the log file is saved
    then click upload

    repeat process for all log files
    they can all be attached in same reply..

    i can read them, but not expert in field to tell you what is safe or not to delete..

    i followed the 8 step guide to the letter and my PC is now ok..

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