something wrong with my Add/remove programs list! plz help :-(

By Numchucks85
Aug 14, 2007
  1. not quite sure what happened or when it happened but there is definantly something not right with my Add/remove programs list. I have searched the web and have not found any answers.
    The add/remove list not only has ALOT of extra stuff on it, but stuff is missing that IS installed, also the button to remove the programs is gone. This is a fairly new PC, less than a year old. I am running Windows media center. I did a system restore back to about 2 weeks, and the problem is still there! Any help would be phenomenal, thanks!
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    Don't know if you have the identical issue, but i isolated a problem with Add/Remove programs (and the Remove button disappearing). I traced it down to occuring immediately after removing Yahoo Browser Services using Add/Remove.

    See this thread
  3. Numchucks85

    Numchucks85 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm, i may have deleted some yahoo related stuff. Would reinstalling yahoo toolbar & messenger related software (im pretty sure thats what i deleted) fix this? Also would this explain why things are missing? for example World Of Warcraft, I now its installed because I play it. However it is not on the list. Or would it explain why something somehow added some wierd stuff to the list? Stuff that has no size and no add/remove button? heres a few things that have 'appeared' on the list....... BufferChm, CP_AtenaShokunin1Config, CP_CalendarTemplates1, cp_LightScribeConfig, cp_OnlineProjectsConfig, CP_Package_Basic1, CP_Package_Variety1, Cp_Package_Variety2, CP_Package_Variety3, (about 4 other CP entries). Alot of microsoft entries also, Microsoft Office Access Setup Metadata MUI (english) 2007, Microsoft Office Excel MUI (English) 2007, (MUI Files for Groove, One Note, Info Path, Outlook, Powerpoint) Microsoft office Proof (English) 2007 (French, Spanish). Well thats some of it. There are alot of other Misc thing son there but thats most of the 2 main parts of it. Again any help would be great!
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