Sonicwall firewall configuration

By OldMan
Aug 31, 2011
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  1. I have a Sonicwall firewall. I want the Sonicwall to go from an Embarq dsl modem (address, to a switch. The switch connects company computers as well as a wireless router. I ran the configuration wizard and the Sonicwall gave itself a wan address of and I assigned a lan address of When I connect the Embarq into the WAN port on the Sonicwall, and the LAN port into my laptop I get internet and everything works well. If I connect the Sonicwall LAN port into the switch internet connectivity is loss and the company users lose internet. How do I connect the Sonicwall to the switch and maintain internet connectivity.
  2. OldMan

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    Everything is good! I had thought my switch was unmanageable, turns out it is! It had DHCP Turned on. So I turned off DHCP on the WAN port of the Sonicwall. If a moderator could mark this SOLVED that would be great

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