Sony delays launch of Gran Turismo 5, again


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Blaming production difficulties, Sony has delayed the launch of Gran Turismo 5, the latest version of the top-selling racing game for its PlayStation 3 console. The company now expects the game to hit the market in time for the 2010 holiday shopping season. No new date was given for the release; Sony simply said we'll hear something in the "near future."

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I preordered it for its release on december 31 2007.. I wonder if gamestop is ever going to call me and tell me to pick it up.. lol


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What they dont tell you is that Sony delayed the game this time to implement the new 3.5 SDK in response to the Ps3 being jailbroken on the 3.41 SDK that was originally shipping with the game.
Sony must really be counting on every dollar it can get as it seems they have let loose a firestorm of defensive attacks around the world combating the outbreak of the exploit within the last month. Going after every individual it can find that has anything to do with this hack. I look for them to go bankrupt soon.


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Sony are said to be ''unhappy'' that the game was delayed. I played this at Eurogamer, it was ok. Played it in 3D, but still Liked need for speed on Xbox better.


You can't compare this to NFS,in GT you can't drive a gallardo 200mph around a corner but in nfs you can,the closest competition for this game would be the next forza.
Sony should go after these guys that are hacking their console or at least make it difficult for them,ms doesn't seem to care about their console,just today on the one torrent site i saw the new fallout for xbox and i haven't seen a ps3 game on there for a while.


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I see. Very intresting read.Can't blaim em tho... PS3 is still has the least piracy numbers, and they wanna keep it that way, Piracy is pretty bad on the xbox, wii and destuctive on PC. But PS3 is pretty clean!


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hello ...

well it's the '1st real delay' for a date wasn't announced before & if they are doing so to protect it from being stolen, i can wait.



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As long as it's THE LAST delay =P

This had better be so perfect that even non-racing gamers/fans will want to play it alot =)