Sony to launch the Xperia 1 II in the US on July 24th


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Sony unveiled the photography-focused Xperia 1 II in February and has now announced preorder and shipping dates for the US. The company knows that the $1,200 price tag will be difficult to digest, so it's sweetening the deal, as it did with the Xperia 1, by bundling the WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds - not the cans - for preorders placed by June 28.

On paper, the Xperia 1 II packs nearly all the goodies that buyers have come to expect from 2020 flagships, including top-end hardware and build quality, alongside an unexpected return of the 3.5mm audio jack. As noted previously, the device comes with the year's highest-end silicon from Qualcomm (provided an 865 Plus doesn't pop up), 8GB RAM, 256GB storage expandable via microSD, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 and the standout 6.5-inch 21:9 4K HDR OLED (3840×1644) CinemaWide display.

With the Xperia 1 II, Sony is looking to impress a variety of deep-pocketed smartphone users, literally and figuratively. Chief among them are photography enthusiasts for whom Sony has brought in camera expertise from its Alpha mirrorless camera division. The latter had been reluctant towards sharing technologies with Sony's mobile engineers, which according to a company executive, was one of the main reasons why Xperias have had lackluster cameras in the past.

A corporate reshuffle in March last year saw Sony merging its mobile, TV, audio, and camera divisions into one. While some benefits would have reached the Xperia 1, which was announced a month prior to this change, the mark two could potentially shake things up a bit, especially for cameras, in the premium smartphone segment this year.

Sony is also prepping a Pro variant of the Xperia 1 II, which like the maxed-out versions of Samsung and Apple flagships, takes things a step further. It will offer twice the storage capacity of its sibling at 512GB and will support high-speed mmWave 5G for operating in the US.

It will also include an HDMI port for connecting to DSLRs or camcorders. Sony says the phone "supports professional broadcast video transmission workflows by visualizing and confirming communication status," enabling it to "transmit broadcast video data during shooting to a server or cloud via 5G connections."

The Xperia Pro is said to release sometime later this year. With an expected price increase of $250-$300 over the mark two, according to Japanese sources, it could end up costing a whopping $1,500.

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It does look like a decent device, but the price and camera software restrictions does not really make it appealing + the preorder bonus downright sucks.
Let's hope at least ZV-1 will turn out to be kick *** tomorow.


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It's a real shame, the Sony Xperia line used to be great. A willingness to make a genuinely small phone in the Compact line, a simple utilitarian design with large battery capacities and durable construction. Their software updates sucked and were quite late, but the platforms were stable. They were constantly let down by lack of marketing and an unwillingness to pursue a selling point, and a few hardware blunders. Oh, and camera software, somehow despite most phones using sony cameras sony themselves could never make said sensors work nearly as well. .

Then sony started pursuing thinness, the same time everyone else was, at a time consumers spoke loud and clear about the poor battery runtimes of phones. Now they are treading water, and are petting on super expensive halo phones with ultra widescreen designs. The 1 II looks impressive from a spec standpoint, but I dont know if this will save sony mobile.


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With non-existent marketing, 4-digit prices, and releasing the smartphone 3 months after reveal, it's almost like Sony wants to avoid selling phones. Curious how long before they close the mobile division.
Same is happening with their movies failing one after another.
I like Sony phones. But whenever I am about to buy one, I read what people say about them and realize that they are not good enough to keep for 2 3 years. Like this specific model I almost bought 5 years ago was reported to have terrible battery life.
I am still interested in their devices. But In my opinion, they would be a better offer if their prices were somewhere under Apple and Samsung.


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Sony Xperia 1 II
How do you pronounce that?
Xperia 1 two?
Xperia 1 eleven?
Xperia 1 ii?

Hi, can I have an Xperia 1 and an Xperia 1 two?
Here you go, 2 Xperia 1s.
But ....

Great product diffferentiation Sony. I'm sure it'll be a massive success.
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