Sony Vaio VGN-NS130E restore

By cheyann67
Aug 11, 2010
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  1. I restored my sony Vaio from some uncertain problem.. I have called Sony and they suggested me purchasing a hard disc from them for recovery.. They have on board recovery but that didn't work. anywho.. $50 later I am still getting the same window that i got from recovering from the onboard recovery tool.
    Ok.. so here I am again.. Now that all of the CD's have ran.. this is the window that I get.
    In top left a small window "" Titled.. Windows setup.. Windows is now setting up the following items" Factory Process 1.
    Ok then a bigger window that has not gone past 0%
    And it says.. Titled'' Preparing to Install Windows
    The programs and/or drivers are now being installed.. Time varies depending on the size and number of prgrams and/or drivers. During the process various install windows may appear. If action is required , follow the instructions to complete the install..
    The there is a progess bar that will not move off of 0%.
    and under the bar is says.. Copying software to the C: drive...
    Nothing has restarted.. This window is at a full standstill

    Now.. There was absolutley nothing wrong with this laptop when this started. It just said to repair with Windows Vista CD even though the Vaio doesn't come with one.
    They told me that the recovery disc comes with the Windows Vista Partition.

    Ok.. so when I try and just restart.. I just get a small window with the red and X on it
    Windows needs to reinstalll before proceeding.


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