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Apr 16, 2011
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  1. Hi all, i am new to this forum. I need some advice with my Sony Vaio as it has stopped working, when i turn it on it stays on the Vaio page for a few minutes then moves to another screen saying 'Operating System not found'. I don't have any recovery disks or anything as it is a couple of year old now. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. CAMusing

    CAMusing TS Enthusiast Posts: 179

    When the operating system not found error occurs because of file system error, or worse, hard disk drive failure.

    What is the operating system?
  3. Coodu

    Coodu TS Booster Posts: 173

    You should try and see if you can enter your BIOS by hitting the appropriate key (It will say on boot that a key will allow "Enter Setup" or similar)

    Once you're in there see if you're drive is being listed in there somewhere. It's different for all BIOS' but there's a summary section of the detected hardware in the machine.

    However, as CAMusing mentioned, the last time I saw this about a week or so ago the drive was nackered. The fact that it sits on the VAIO screen for a bit means it's sitting there trying to find the drive to boot to.
  4. baker175

    baker175 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's running vista as the operating system. I can enter the bios, I will have a look for the section about the hardware on the machine
  5. Coodu

    Coodu TS Booster Posts: 173

    Sounds good mate, let us know how you go. It should be a summary, sometimes it's on the first area of the BIOS, but sometimes you have to go hunting for it.
  6. baker175

    baker175 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Looks like the hard drive is knackered. On the main page of the BIOS is says hard disk drive: None. Is this going to be expensive to replace and is it just a case of taking the old hard drive out and putting a new one in and then installingan operating system on?

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