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Sony Vegas platinum 9.0: An exception has occurred

By madameivy
Dec 5, 2008
  1. I've just started using Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0, and when I'm importing video, it comes up with an error, ("An Exception Has Occurred") and upon clicking ok, which is the only option, the program closes down. The error code is as follows:


    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0
    Version 9.0b (Build 92)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) WRITE:0x4D00000 IP:0x24A02BE1
    In Module 'mcdddec.dll' at Address 0x24A00000 + 0x2BE1
    Thread: AsyncPreroll ID=0xDD0 Stack=0x4EFF000-0x4F00000
    EAX=ffff3820 CS=001b EIP=24a02be1 EFLGS=00010282
    EBX=11379560 SS=0023 ESP=04effe4c EBP=00000000
    ECX=fffffef1 DS=0023 ESI=04d00000 FS=003b
    EDX=ffffffff ES=0023 EDI=00000006 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    24A02BE1: 66 89 0E 83 C6 02 4F 75 f.....Ou
    24A02BE9: 9A 8B 7C 24 10 8B 44 24 ..|.D$
    Stack Dump:
    04EFFE4C: 1138BBF4 10980000 + A0BBF4
    04EFFE50: 04CFF400 04A00000 + 2FF400
    04EFFE54: 0005D600 00030000 + 2D600
    04EFFE58: 1136D048 10980000 + 9ED048
    04EFFE5C: 00000006
    04EFFE60: 24A01868 24A00000 + 1868 (mcdddec.dll)
    04EFFE64: 00000500
    04EFFE68: FFFFFEF2
    04EFFE6C: 000007E0
    04EFFE70: 0A990020 0A990000 + 20
    04EFFE74: 0002F400
    04EFFE78: 0000BB80
    04EFFE7C: 04CFF400 04A00000 + 2FF400
    04EFFE80: 000005A0
    04EFFE84: 0005D600 00030000 + 2D600
    04EFFE88: 23206DF6 23200000 + 6DF6 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 04EFFEBC: 23205977 23200000 + 5977 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 04EFFEDC: 7C802600 7C800000 + 2600 (kernel32.dll)
    > 04EFFEE4: 33BBA3D7 33BB0000 + A3D7 (mcplug.dll)
    > 04EFFEEC: 33BBA440 33BB0000 + A440 (mcplug.dll)
    > 04EFFF0C: 0068C63B 00400000 + 28C63B (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    04EFFF10: 05247724 04F00000 + 347724
    04EFFF14: 00000000
    04EFFF18: 00000000
    04EFFF1C: 04CD0000 04A00000 + 2D0000
    > 04EFFF48: 00691423 00400000 + 291423 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    04EFFF4C: 00000008
    > 04EFFF50: 00AF8148 00400000 + 6F8148 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    > 04EFFF54: 00AF8160 00400000 + 6F8160 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    04EFFF58: 00000002
    04EFFF5C: 00000000
    04EFFF60: 00000000
    04EFFF64: 00000000
    > 04EFFF80: 00AF88E0 00400000 + 6F88E0 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    04EFFF84: 00000020
    04EFFF88: 00000000
    04EFFF8C: 00000001
    04EFFF90: 80004001
    > 04EFFFA8: 00857848 00400000 + 457848 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    - - -
    04EFFFF0: 00000000
    04EFFFF4: 006911E0 00400000 + 2911E0 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    04EFFFF8: 0218E560 020C0000 + CE560
    04EFFFFC: 00000000 ​

    The video files are simply mpeg files that i have ripped from a dvd. I have tried several different files, and once I managed to import one of the files (after I had been given this message twice before), but that's it.

    Please help me, I don't want to have to use Windows Movie Maker my entire life!
  2. mandudeboy

    mandudeboy TS Rookie

    i have the exact same problem and so does one of my friends. whenever i try to import a video file from my sony camera, it tells me the same thing, and hen when i click ok it shuts down. I sent this to a tech at sony and he instructed me on how to repair a few files that were in the program and i did but it still wasent working. i replyed what it said and then i hade to do over 3 pages of stuff to "fix" the problem, and i spent more than 3 hours doing all of the steps, and when it was finally done it still didnt work. Im lost.
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