Sony Vegas Pro vs. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

By ThrasherFan22
Jul 28, 2011
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  1. I dabbled in Sony Vegas Pro 7 a while back, and now that I have had some issues with it, I have decided it is time to get a new piece of software.

    With that being said, I have looked at both pieces of software, tried to find the differences between the two in terms of BASIC functionality, and I can't seem to find the difference. Of course, I have seen that Movie Studio limits the number of Audio and Video tracks to four a piece, and with the exception of pre-made effects/transitions that are more professional in Pro than Movie Studio, what is the difference and does Movie Studio REALLY hinder you THAT much to make the 500 dollar Pro version THAT more desirable? Does Movie Studio do that much less than Pro 7 (for those who have used both)?

    Thanks to any input,


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