Sony's DualShock 5 controller spied in newly leaked photos

Shawn Knight

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Now, we’re getting our first look at what the accompanying DualShock 5 controller might look like.

Multiple outlets are sharing images claiming to be from a “cleaner” who presumably works for a game studio with access to a PS5 prototype. The images reveal a controller that’s not all that different from the DualShock 4 although if you look closely, you’ll spot some subtle differences (like the fact that there aren’t any labels on the buttons).

The leak also more or less lines up with what we saw from a gamepad patent a few months back.

As for the console itself, it looks roughly identical to what we’ve seen in earlier leaks which, if nothing else, boosts the credibility of this latest leak.

Sony probably won’t have much to say about this at CES but you never know, maybe we’ll get lucky? Sony’s CES press conference is scheduled for tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern and can be streamed live on their website.

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Still just devkit stuff. No way with the aesthetics be the same as the final PS5 versions.
And there's no way they're giving away proper controllers for development (since they're not official yet).


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The DS4 was and is the perfect controller and all you "assymetrists" are just dealing with various childhood trauma issues, really. The DS5 should only have one new feature if any - full Windows compatibility out of the box. That's all it needs to trump the previous king.


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Looks like a fatter version of the DS4. If only they'd have the stick layout of the xbox controller, it'd be better.

Morris Minor

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I loved the original Playstation controller.

Never been a fan of the Dual Shock. I prefer the asymmetrical sticks of Xbox/PC.

My hands cramp up on PS controllers.
agreed, if they would just give the option of two pads, one where they swap the d-pad and left analog stick around, I'd happily use it. 360 pad still the best imo, shame m$ stopped making them. can't even buy them for pc anymore.