Rumor mill: Sony has been releasing a lot of information about the PlayStation 5 this year, including its "holidays 2020" release date, though the company has kept silent when it comes to the PS5's design. But newly leaked images of what's purportedly the console's dev kit could give us an idea of what to expect.

The photo of the alleged dev kit comes from Zone of Tech, and looks almost identical to the Sony patent that was uncovered in August.

Both images show an unusual-looking machine that's shaped like a "V," which is the Roman numeral for 5. The new image gives us a better look at the console, and has been turned into a render by LetsGoDigital, which discovered the original Sony patent.

We see that the dev kit has six USB ports---probably one USB 2.0 and five USB 3.0---along with the usual on/standby, reset, and eject buttons. At the top right, there's what appears to be a built-in camera, which would likely allow one-touch 4K livestreaming---a feature that's also rumored to be present in Microsoft's next-gen Xbox Scarlett.

There are also status lights on the left-hand side numbered zero to seven, which could relate to each connected controller. The "System" and "Network" INIT ports are thought to be dev kit-only features.

Even if this is a real image of the PS5 dev kit, and it should be taken with a pinch of salt, the final version of the machine could change drastically from what we see here. Given that many people aren't keen on this unusual design, don't be surprised to see something quite different when the console arrives in around 12 months.