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Sony's PSP Go exposed early, no UMD for you

By Matthew ยท 14 replies
May 30, 2009
  1. Update 6/2: It has been reported that the PSP Go will launch on October 1 with price of $249.

    Read the whole story
  2. Hey if this is about just being able to download games and stuff wouldn't that use up your monthly download quota like myself i have 10GB downloads a mouth if i was downloading games all the time i will use it all up and some people have less than that so i think this downloading thing isn't very good.
  3. Wendig0

    Wendig0 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,119   +121

    Originally posted by Guest:
    All you can download each month is 10gb? Weak. I would look into finding a new provider if I were you. My cap with comcast is 250gb/month.

    Anyway, I really like the idea of the psp go incorporating 16gb onboard flash memory and bluetooth into the device. It's about time that happened.
  4. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 5,313   +100

    That's the prime aspect it'd seem. Realize that there will almost certainly be PSP Go exclusive games, which won't be physically published. Anyhow, given its portability, you could easily drag the PSP along to a location that provides Internet and use their bandwidth :).
  5. Never being able to buy used games
    Never being able to trade games
    Never being able to sell used games
    Never being able to shared games with friends

    No UMD sounds great to me...
  6. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    Sounds like a good way to force people to buy new PSP's since they didn't get them to the other two times.

    Oh well, my house can finally be Sony free.
  7. In reply to wendig0. They are probably just like me and live in a country like south africa where 10 gigs is a HUGE limit. the average is 1 Gig in South Africa, Our internet is slow too, most only have a 512kbps connection. I agree with not wanting to download content as the ONLY way of getting new content. have it as an option but not as it only way of obtaining games. I personally like to know I actually have the pyhsical disk that should anytihng happen I would always have it. Lets say my PSP Go (poor name IMO) lost all its data, or got damaged and needed replacement? how would I be able to get back what I payed for?
  8. WOW! Everything so far seems great. The only problem I have with the PSP Go is the slide function which seems a bit flimsy.
  9. Neat idea, but seriously, the whole PSP thing is getting old. I love my old Phat PSP ever since I put custom firmware on it. Sony's software simply can't compete with homebrew. I got bits and pieces of my old PSX collection on my PSP, and that's pretty much it. Most PSP games seem to suck, so the only reason I bought it was for playing PSX games.
  10. Clearly this is just a compete with Nintendo's DSi. And even that is better because it came with something different like a camera and it still accepts its own DS cartridges ((Minus the GBA slot missing in action)). No UMD drive sucks because I got over 100 PSP titles that'll sit in my drawer and collect dust. I'll stick with my PSP slim until Sony releases a handheld worth upgrading to. ((Errm. PSP 2))
  11. hey, wat if you get the psp go and you dont have wireless internet?
  12. with the psp go will LBP, assassins creed and other titles be on UMD for the people who have the 1000/2000/3000?
  13. Dude, really the going digital thing is kinda a good idea only for music and videos but to have to download ur games is bullshit it forces u to buy new games and i personaly would rather have a game i can trade bak in or let a buddy of mine borrow it or something i want to actaully be able to touch the game because i dont fully trust digital transsactions im not rich i want to make sure i get what im paying for from a person face to face. The slide out is cool until it actaully slides out and u see how tall bulkey and ugly it is. dont dig it at all the more i think about it at first it looked real tight but now its kinda a let down.....
  14. Hi guys sory but would appreciate it if someone could answer me I'm not a PSP owner but considering buying the psp go.

    Will i be able to download psp go games 'off the net' for free or is that not possible?
    if yes, do would the old psp games work on it?

    thanks, sorry to sound so noob but I don't own one.
  15. you get a free game Rock Band Unplugged it's the full game, and demos for a bunch of others, everything else has to be bought via Play Station Network some of the games are pretty fairly priced, and movies, tv episodes etc. too!
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