Sound Card Driver Problem in Windows 7

By JesseM
Oct 24, 2009
  1. *SOLVED*

    I just installed Windows 7 Pro on my laptop (from XP). Everything went smooth as butter, except it seems that a driver could not be found for my sound card. I do not know what my audio device is called or even who makes it. It just shows up as "Multimedia Audio Controller" in the device manager. How can I find out what the device is called so I can get appropriate drivers for it? I'm crossing my fingers that it is supported by Windows 7.

    EDIT: If it helps, I'm using a Dell Precision M70 laptop with the stock sound device. Is there a program I can run to find out what the audio device is or will I have to open up my computer to find out?

    EDIT 2: I just solved the problem myself. Turns out I (intelligently) made a backup of all my drivers on an external drive before installing Windows 7 that I had forgotten about.
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