sound card Need Help!

By MoMo1988
Apr 12, 2007
  1. I have been having a problem with my sound card and its so BOGUS!!. Well anyways I bought Test drive unlimited and it played for me really well for awhile. Then I shut down my compy and went to bed. The Next morning I tried playing it but it keeps giving me the "send error report" I was recently told my sound card was the culprit so I removed it and it worked, BUT I have a 5.1 and my mobo claims it supports 5.1 but it only supports 2.1. The quality sux to. So I put it back in, the thing that really chaps my a** is it plays all of my other games fine (FEAR, Oblivion, Prey, Battlefield 2142, Etc.) Could it just be the Game or No?

    Pent. 4 3.0E
    1 gb ram Dual channel 512
    sapphire x1650 Pro
    ASRock Mobo
    C-Media sound car
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