Audio Sound Card Did Not Work. Maybe Motherboard?

My sound chip on my board was blew for no reason bad thing only being a 2 month old bored and I am not waiting days to rma it and for me to get it back
anyway I managed to pick up a old sound card (not sure on the model) that worked fine for three days then stopped outputing audio, so I bought a sound card (intex cmi878) that did not have the 64 bit wndows 7 dirvers and everytime I turned the computer off the machine would not detect the card I then I have to press the reset button or turn the system a few times to get the card to be recognized again and I could not also find the drivers for the OS.

I checked at the back of the cards box and it says 32 bit pci bus master.
What does the mean could that be that the card was not compatible for the stystem or could it be the motherboard?
I tried a nvidia video card in the PCI-E slot and the card works fine with no faults. The sound card was using the PCI slot and I tried every PCI slot.

My Motherboard: asrock fm2a88x extreme4+
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I tested in a very old card from 2001 or 2004 something like that and it appears there's power going through the card so that's the plus.
Maybe it's because I'm using old crap and the sound card model is old?