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Sound going through headphones not speakers. (laptop)

By thjoseph
Aug 4, 2015
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  1. I will try to be as detailed as possible. I am pretty experienced with drivers and sound settings but this problem has me stumped.

    I have a Fangbook III made by Cyperpower PC. I am unable to play sound via the on-board speakers for the laptop. I am however able to play sound through the 3.5mm auxiliary jack input. I have speakers set as default device under the playback settings.

    This is where is gets strange. Whenever I attempt to delete the Realtek audio driver, whether it is through windows or a 3rd-party driver uninstallation software, Realtek always comes back within a few seconds. Right before it does come back, under playback, it separates speakers and headphones with both having the driver High Definition Audio Device. If I hurry before the Realtek driver comes back the speakers seems to work! But once the Realtek audio speakers comes back, the default speakers and headphones goes away and I continue to have the same problem with the Realtek driver.

    I attempted to reformat the computer with windows 10 and erase all drivers but Realtek was already installed. I assume it is required for this specific laptop? Any ideas on how to direct the Reaktek High Definition Audio driver to use the speakers instead of the auxiliary jack?

    Thanks for the help and let me know if there is any more information that you guys need.

    Some more information:
    I have attempted to disable the driver via device manager. The problem with this is that the High Definition Audio Device driver doesn't take its place. Here is what it looks like when I uninstall the Realtek driver and it works until Realtek is automatically reinstalled:



    It works fine using the speakers option in the first link under playback. When Realtek gets reinstalled against my will it reverts to this:


    Is there anyway I can just use the High Definition Audio Device drivers?

    I attempted to look for Realtek under services.msc but I could not find it. As for the BIOS option, there was no option in the BIOS for sound. The chipset that I have installed came with the computer when I bought it.

    Here are the mfg specs for audio if it helps:

    Once again thanks for the help. I am 100% stumped.
  2. Keono

    Keono TS Rookie

    Is there any kind of on-board laptop software that manages volume settings and other stuff you probably wouldn't use?

    I had this on my laptop, one of my programmes had gone funky and I had to reinstall it (it was called smart manager v3, a gigabyte software) and it had something to do with controlling the sound. Once I managed to find a new .exe of this piece of software, and reinstall it, my sound started working as normal.

    I don't know much about your specific case and I am not a tech-pro. But maybe I've provided something to think about.

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