Sounds stops working!

By klala
Aug 19, 2010
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  1. This is a problem that I have ever since I installed windows 7 in my system.
    Its like this: I use normal headphones which are connected to the rear side of my computer, their driver called: "Realtek High Definition Audio". At a totally random time all sounds go off. When I try to play a clip it will run 50% slower with no music, when I try to play a song it will play it 50% slower with no sound.I figured that the only way to get the sound back is by restarting (logging out doesnt work).
    After I got sick of this I got myself a new headphones connected by usb which connected to the front side of the computer. Thier driver is called: "Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000". With this headphones I have no problem at all even after the sounds from the other headphones gets off I just switch to the new ones and then it works.
    Now, I want to be able to have sounds with both of these headphones because I have a recording device that works only with Realtek High Definition Audio driver but the sounds goes off everytime and i cant record.

    Things I already did and know for FACT:
    1. I have reinstalled windows 7 (it happens only in windows 7)
    2. I have uninstalled reinstalled the latest driver of realtek.
    3. I have checked for viruses.
    4. There is absolutly NO problem with the sound card.
    5. I have tried to put the normal headphones in the front side instead in the rear side. Still nothing.

    My system:
    Core i5 750
    4GB of RAM
    Radeon 4870 HD

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