Speaker problems after upgrade

By miiick
Nov 27, 2008
  1. Hello - sorry if this is a duplicate post - i searched without much luck.

    I have recently upgraded my pc, and am now having problems with the speakers.

    I have upgraded to Vista 64 bit, and also a soundblaster x-fi elitegamer fatality pro edition soundcard.

    The vista 64 is a clean install onto a new hdd.

    the drivers for the soundcard are up to date (installed only a few hours ago)

    I have Creative s750 speakers - so 7.1 configuration. All the speakers are wired correctly. These worked fine before the upgrade.

    My problem is... when doing the speaker configuration tests, it plays all the sounds through the front left, front centre, and front right speakers. ie. the static noise meant for the subwoofter comes blurring out of the front centre speaker. It also goes on to say "side left, side right etc" through the front lot.

    It states it IS testing for 7.1 but yeah - it appears to be only utilising 3 of the speakers..

    im new to vista, and am still playing around with the control panel etc so there might be something really obvious that i've missed.. i'll update if i figure it out.

    Thanks heaps for your help

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