Speed up loading DVD with hughe numbers of files that contains totally new unknown icons for windows

First this:
To speed-up windows, it caches all the new icons it ever loaded by the first time.
So when Windows has to display these icons again it does not read from the original file anymore, but reads only from the Icon-Cache-File within windows itself. This way it is fast.

The Icon-Cache-File has a maximum size. If the cache file is full, windows will delete cached icons after closing the explorer.
Every time when windows have to display these icons again, it has to read from their original files again, and that slows down. If the list is long it can take a while.
You can alter the cache size to a bigger size manually or by hacks, so that problem will be solved.

But 1 thing always remains !!!!!!
Every time a NEW ICON has to be displayed, windows must always read its content from the original file itself.
(after that it will be cached if there is enough space within the windows cache size file)

But what happens when you enter a CD/DVD/USB-Drive that contains folders with hughe numbers of files that contains totally new unknown icons for windows ??
All the contents of these icons have to be read from its original file for the first time.
This turns your CD/DVD into a Matrix-Printer sounding machine, and its Read-Head is going from left to the right and over again, like a million times.
Also on any other computer you want to use this CD/DVD.
I have times that the CD/DVD Drive takes like 20min to display all new icons from the file list in the folder.
Same thing happens with a USB Drive/Stick, but its some faster. Although you can see the delay from appearing icons on the screen one by one.

My question IS NOT about Cache-Repair Cache-Rebuild Cache-Size Cache-Speed etc.......

My question is about a trick to upload these icons into the Windows Icon-Cache-File before displaying them.
It's the first thing that must happen when you enter the CD/DVD into the player, and it is spinning up.
A File/Folder should be present on the disk containing all copy's of the Icons, so it can be automatically uploaded to the Windows-Icon-Cache-File in 1 time.
After these Brand New Icons (unknown for windows) has been updated to the windows Cache-File, explorer can display the files in the folder together with all the icons.

How can I make some kind of loader on a DVD-Disk (4,7GB) that automatically upload a copy of all icons into the Windows Icon-Cache-File ????
So I mean some kind of loader that includes a copy of all the icons in a folder or maybe just archived in 1 file.
This loader is on the ROOT of the disk.
The loader will execute at first when loading the disk.
Then automatic update the Windows Icon Cache File.
After that is done you can open explorer and open the folders when windows is loading the icons from its own cache file.

That is the idea.

But maybe the loader can not update the windows cache file.
Maybe the loader create its own virtual icon cache file.

Its just an idea - I don't know what is really possible. Just breaking my head here.....

Burning CD/DVD/BD is way to ensure totall safety against viruses. When burned its a ROM that can not be changed any more. Bullet proof !!! When I burn I burn twice at least with different brands of disks.
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