Speedstream 4100 modem stats

By jimrich
Aug 21, 2012
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  1. Hello: [​IMG]
    Please offer me any feed back on the good or bad aspects of these SpeedStream 4100 modem stats.


    My modem seems to be working well but I am getting way less than the 1.5 Meg line speed that DSL Extreme ISP promised me. Before I rush off to buy another modem I want to know if my current modem is OK, if it's a phone line problem or a cheating ISP.

    My computer details:
    Drive: C Dell dimension 3000 39 GB NFTS
    Win xp, sp3, home ed.
    Model # ST340014A
    Motherboard: 0K8980
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.80 GHz
    Memory: DDR Dual 512 MB
    miscel. browsers

    Thanks in advance for any responses to my modem's stats and/or any questions about my system or equipment,
    jim [​IMG]
  2. jimrich

    jimrich TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    I got a new D-LINK modem from Fry's and it gives me LOWER line speeds than my old Siemens - so go figure.......

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