Splitting NIC allocation

By Ididmyc600
Sep 2, 2008
  1. Hi all...

    I want to run a PC to seed torrent files, the box will have its own cable modem and be capable of 20MB download speed,(thats sorted out already)

    Thing is the PC will be a standalone box no monitor KB or mouse.


    I want to link the PC to my home network which will allow me to transfer the files to my server PC (and allow me remote control of it) and watch the downloaded files on my networked media box.


    My home network is already web connected via another cable modem through the router (all the family PC's use this connection)

    How will I tell the PC to use the NIC that the cable modem is plugged into for the internet and use the other NIC that is connected to the home network just for file transfer.

    I want the above setup as when i run my torrent program it sucks the bandwidth dry, also i want to set the box up as an FTP server, i can do that ok i just need an idea how to achieve the aforementioned.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,131   +982

    setup the net this way:

    1. user pc at some ip ( for normal internet use (default route
    2. add the second NIC and set it's address as
    3. setup the other machine as
    4. add a route to
    5. make the torrent system defaiult route to isp#2 gateway

    add a name for the torrent system to your host file on the daily pc torrentSystemName ​

    now any action (ftp or mapped drives) for torrentSystemName will be properly
    routed to the second system.

    You can also reverse the action to allow torrentSystemName -> daily in the same way. daily​

    I read you to have this ISP mapping
    isp#1---(1)dailySys (2) ----- (3) torrentSystem(4) --- isp#2
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