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Spontaneous restarts while gaming

By foamfixer
Dec 5, 2004
  1. Okay, I'm pretty sure that my problem is my power supply, because it's one of those comes-with-the-case deals, and when I turn off the "restart on fatal error" option so I can get a blue-screen instead, it still restarts when I'm gaming.
    I thought I'd run my problem by you guys as well, because it could be a heat issue as well.
    So, here's the voltage specs for my comp when it's idle. My PSU is an unknown 400W poopile.

    3.3 - 3.26
    +5.0 - 5.08
    +12.0 - 11.75
    -12.0 - 11.57

    That seams a bit low to me. Here is what I'm running:
    P4 2.8 GHZ
    MSI Neo-2 PLS Model MS-6728 Mobo
    1.0 GB PC3200 DDR RAM
    BFG Tech Nvidia 256MB GeForce 6800 GT OC
    Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card

    This issue started when I upgraded my video card from an MSI 256MB GeForce 5700 VTD, to the GeForce 6800 which needs to be plugged in. By plugging the card in, I've had to split the power twice, which can't be a good sign. I checked my temp when these restarts occured and my case temp and cpu temp don't seem to be horribly off.

    Any advice would be great! :hotouch:
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 621

    Well, your voltages look acceptable to me, even the 3.3V,but it could be the PS since there's nothing else obvious. I just went through two Antec True Power PSs failing where the 5V dropped to less than 4.7V (measured with a multimeter) Since you went from a 5700 to a 6800GT OC (I have the exact same card) I doubt it would be drivers.
  3. foamfixer

    foamfixer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks! Yeah, I just read another post about someone with the same issue. This problem only happens when I'm gaming, so I bet it has something to do with my crappy generic PS in combination with the cpu and video card. It particularly doesn't like it when I run Knights of the Old Republic on the highest settings possible.
    BFG GeForce 6800GT OC = :grinthumb
    My generic power supply = :unch:

    I'll go out tomorrow to my local comp store and pick up an new PS. I'll grab a few more things like a better cpu heatsink and a pci slot exhaust fan to place below my video card to help suck out all the hot air it blows around my case.

    Anywho, thanks for lookin into my prob!
  4. foamfixer

    foamfixer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Anyway, just to update, my problem was the power supply. I installed the new one I picked up and have been playing games for a few hours without an annoying power hiccups
    Good stuff. :approve:
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