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Sprint abandoning T-Mobile takeover bid, replacing longtime CEO Dan Hesse

By Shawn Knight ยท 11 replies
Aug 6, 2014
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  1. Sprint is reportedly abandoning its plans to acquire rival wireless carrier T-Mobile. The decision came in light of what would no doubt be stiff opposition from regulators according to people familiar with the situation as first reported by The Wall...

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  2. Axiarus

    Axiarus TS Evangelist Posts: 397   +221

    Oh thank you sweet Jesus!
  3. Scshadow

    Scshadow TS Evangelist Posts: 556   +196

    Are you kidding? Without being particularly well informed, this was one of the acquisitions/mergers I was kinda hoping for. ATT and Verizon are bullies even in comparison to T-mobile and sprint. Sprint has always had cheaper plans and better policies and T-mobile seems to actually give a crap about offering reasonably priced services as well. The problem with both of them is coverage. 5 bars LTE at my parent's house with Straight Talk branded ATT service is 0 bars of anything with T-mobile. If I had t-mobile I'd never go visit them. And among my social circle, sprint has fairly bad coverage as well.

    But I guess I had reservations, maybe better called uncertainties. First off, they still compete in major markets. Its not like it would be efficient combining 2 networks. The larger LTE network that I presume is t-mobile(because sprint put its money into wimax initially right?) probably completely overlaps all of sprint's LTE area. 3g services are incompatible(GSM vs CDMA) so I doubt there would be any noticeable improvement in a short time. The other thing is, even though I don't hate Sprint, from a consumer view I wish it was T-mobile acquiring Sprint and not the other way around.
  4. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,215   +177

    My sentiments as well.

    A strong 3rd place beats out two lower ranking also ran's in the business. If it's about the consumer's best interest, this merger should have gone through. The Government is still a big bunch of expensive suits, not much else. It would have been good to see T-Mobile directed by an American company.
  5. Sprint is Japanese, Bro.
  6. Frank Barnett

    Frank Barnett TS Rookie Posts: 61   +6

  7. mojorisin23

    mojorisin23 TS Booster Posts: 154   +48

  8. rub900

    rub900 TS Enthusiast Posts: 77   +7

    Hate Sprint. Another thank God here.
  9. Scshadow

    Scshadow TS Evangelist Posts: 556   +196

    Care to elaborate? I mean, if you hate them enough to make a post about how you hate them, then why not go the extra step and actually make an argument as to why other people should hate Sprint too? A baseless conjecture is truly a waste of space.
  10. [​IMG] mojorisin23 said:

    Sprint is Japanese, Bro.


  11. rub900

    rub900 TS Enthusiast Posts: 77   +7

    Sprint does not allow using an unlocked phone. I feel they will buy T-Mobile and stop the practice of allowing unlocked phones. I had Sprint for years. I moved to a state that is under served by Sprint cell towers. I tried my best to resolve the issue. I am on call for a tech company and needed a phone. I tried to get out my contract. I explained I could not receive any phone calls while at home. No one at Sprint cared. My company provided a phone while I finished my year contract. I bought a home phone. Using it for personal calls while at home. I put the cell phone in a drawer and waited until I could tell them to go away. I have T-Mobile ever since and never looked back. My bill is a third of the price. I hate Sprint.
  12. Sprint is Japanese, Bro.

    Soft bank-Japan look it up

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